Rolex Replica 116695SATS

Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht Mingshi 40 Watches

Colorful jelly beans I believe we have seen also eaten, but have you seen the “jelly beans” inlaid on the watch? Rolex 2017 launch of the new yacht Mingshi 40 is done, this is the first time Rolex classic sailing stunning debut gemstones, so creative approach caused a stir in Basel Watch Fair. Rolex watches has always been the design style of “steady, practical, not flashy” This subversion of the traditional “jelly beans” yacht Mingshi Rolex is undoubtedly a major breakthrough in the design, then it in the end what is special? Here we take a look at this lovely “jelly beans” highlights where exactly. (Watch model: 116695SATS)

Precious stones inlaid bezel gorgeous like a rainbow

Colorful dial

When looking at the latest Rolex best replica watches review this year, this strong sense of color, “Little Sugar Beans” is really make me unaffected by the eyes, the case is paved with colored gemstones and garnet sparkling, 12 o’clock position Also inlaid with a white triangle cut diamonds. Rolex to know the diamonds and gemstones are the highest level, when the selection must go through rigorous standards, which consists of different colors and place the law of the gemstones composed of colored bezel dazzling, like a rainbow in general, with a bright surface Black dial, very beautiful. At the same time, the two-way rotation of the outer ring, reflecting the Rolex since the fifties of last century and the maritime cause of the bond.
Waterproof symbol – Oyster case

18ct eternal rose gold oyster case

The Rolex Oyster Case invented in 1926 is an important milestone in the history of watchmaking. Its perfect proportions and elegance make it a symbol of sturdiness and water resistance. It is a combination of “beauty” and “talent”, which guarantees the waterproof depth At least 100 meters. The middle case is made of a solid piece of solid 18ct eternal rose gold with a Rolex patent that lasts for a long time in bright colors. The triangle-shaped back cover, which comes standard with the oyster, screws into the mid-case and seals the case completely.

On the crown

The crown of nearly ten components is Rolex’s first waterproof crown, the watch’s crown with triple buckle triple waterproof system, firmly rotate in the case, waterproof performance can be directly comparable to the submarine’s door. And, the crown is also protected by the crown shoulder pads, and the middle case integrated crown shoulder pads for waterproof and added a layer of protection, which is a perfect interpretation of the Rolex attitude to excellence.

Sapphire crystal and small window convex lens

The crystal is made of scratch-resistant blue crystal, with the addition of a small window-like lens made of blue crystal at 3 o’clock and the double anti-reflective coating of small window-lens not only to make the reading time clearer but also Rolex distinctive sign, even if the distance is also very easy to identify.

Special “jelly beans”

This “Beans” yacht chart is equipped with a 3135 self-winding mechanical movement. Rolex as a pioneer in the development of watches, all of its important parts by the brand’s full development. The movement is no exception, its precise construction ensures accurate and reliable watch timing. The balance wheel assembly is the “heart” of the top swiss replica watches, which is equipped with Rolex’s patented blue Parachrom hairspring, which is unaffected by the magnetic field and remains stable at temperature changes and more shock-resistant than conventional hairspring ten times. Its optimized Rolex end gossamer curve helps to enhance isochronism in any position.

Black rubber strap

The yacht Mingshi 40 strap is different from other rubber strap, which is equipped with Rolex R & D and patented Oysterflex strap, the beauty of the subtlety is that the outer layer is a high-performance black rubber injection coating , While the inside is a super-elastic sheet metal, durable, to maintain the shape of the strap, and rubber strap can also give the wearer a comfortable wear. Strap is equipped with 18ct eternal rose gold oyster-type insurance buckle, buckle can prevent the accidental opening, so sophisticated design is very simple to operate, the most important is safe and reliable.

Overall display

Summary: Rolex has always insisted that regardless of any environment is testing the technical performance of the watch laboratory, as all Rolex swiss movement replica watches, this precision watch also passed the Rolex field test laboratory a series of tests, access to Rolex 2015 top observatory certification. However, the emergence of new things will always be controversial, voices of doubt, some people think that this “beet ring” design contrary to tradition, has lost Rolex brand characteristics, and I think, Rolex in the continuous development of the total to take Its essence to its dregs, but also in the tradition of innovation must also strive to innovate, “jelly beans” to ensure that Rolex has been highly accurate and durable in the case of the shape can be changed, can be considered a “legend” I believe that things that stand the test of time are always good.