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This leads us to the new gold/ceramic/rubber versions of Rolex Daytona at the 2017 international horological and jewelry exhibition in Basel, namely 116515LN (Everose gold), 116518LN (gold) and 116519LN (platinum). These three references do so well that I can change my mind what is it? First, as I said, gold Rolex is not “my thing,” for the simple reason that it’s not just about appearance but about images. Again, this statement observation is (actually) unattractive. The three new Rolex Daytona replica watches are replacing versions of the belts, which are clearly a bit out of date and no longer look like hot cakes on the counter. In the yellow

In short, as with best Rolex replica watches, this evolution is very limited. These are all about small updates, however, these details dramatically change the look and feel of the watch and provide a modern style, more importantly, less gloss and more contrast. Ceramic watch circles, first introduced on Everose Daytona, have been considered a major evolution. Now, its black polished surface combines with three different gold alloys that rolex offers, meaning white (the most cautious of them), Everose (rubber rather than a slightly more classic leather strap) and yellow (surprisingly the most successful balanced version). The black Cerachrom ring is also combined with the real panda dial, which means that even the center of the sub-counter (not just the outer ring, as in the steel version) is painted black. Again, less gold, more contrast, more visual balance. My favorite is the gold version, because the black index and pointer perfectly match the rich colors of 18k gold.

Finally, this Oysterflex bracelet is probably the most advanced and comfortable rubber band ever (really, it!). . Since the launch of the Yacht-Master, we expect (and hope) to see it on other fake Rolex watches. Its inclusion in daytona is certainly a good move. As has been demonstrated, its quality and structure are perfect – a super-elastic metal blade with a high performance black elastomer encapsulated, durable, flexible and durable, combined with a surprisingly strong internal structure – two very soft elastic bands with an internally stable wrist watch. And it has a look. Apparently, this rubber Oysterflex bracelet makes Rolex Daytona more modern and athletic, even if it’s made of precious metals.

Are these updates enough to make someone change their mind completely? In my case, yes, they did. Will I buy Rolex Daytona Gold/Ceramic/Oysterflex? Yes, I could even say 116518LN of gold. The only thing I’m worried about is the price, which is certainly reasonable, but at 25,250 euros, it’s not an option right now (perhaps after I’ve saved enough money). Given my budget and taste, the best combination will be 116500L steel on the Oysterflex bracelet – but rolex will not sell the elastic alone For the 2016 Steel version and the 2017 Gold/Ceramic model, we can say that Rolex replica watch swiss movement is moving in the right direction, making Daytona more popular than ever before.