2017 Top Rolex Replica Rankings

At the end of each year, many watch magazines, watch websites, and even fashion media will do some charts to summarize the watch worth buying for a year. This list, both at home and abroad, there are many, all the watches are not the same. A minor problem that can easily crop up in this annual watch list is the disconnect from the real market. For example, the rating of the replica watches quality, in fact, simply can not buy, and some are even rooted in the store, because the editors do list may not know exactly what the market circulation table, what table fire, what is not fire. So I’d like to combine this year’s watch list with the actual situation of the market this year, the same 2017 for a small summary.
Of course, I want to start with the Rolex, a favorite of all the brothers.
In fact, we all know that many watches are popular Rolex watches, especially sports workers. Some people will say that since Rolex are hot table, how can discharge 123? Below I will be based on the various models this year, Rolex market, supply and demand as the basis, using the inverse order, list the most popular few Rolex this year. Let’s start.

Fifth place Rolex DATE JUST 41 Model 126334

Rolex 126334

As you all know, Rolex Replica Watches new 41 mm DJ mainly has 3 models. 126333 gold, 126334 platinum, 12663 steel. Among the three models, the demand is even higher this year, and the higher the heat is the 126334 platinum. 126334 this year is more than any other DJ fire for a reason. Of the three main DJs, the 126333 is the most expensive among gold, because the golden gold version of the bezel, crown and bracelet is gold in the middle (126334 white gold is only a white gold ring), which itself is high in price. Coupled with the new DATE JUST 41 are 3235 movement of the new generation of DJ, is the latest models, although the DJ’s supply is better, are want to buy can buy the table. But even so, prices are still relatively high under exchange rates, discounts and other factors, and due to the new models, there are few tables to enter the secondary market, resulting in an overall high price of 126333.

Rolex 126334

And the highest price of 126333 as opposed to the lowest price of 126300.126300 Because it is all-steel models, watch a little gold, so the price is much lower. In the exchange rate, the discount factor, the actual price is even more than half of 126333. Cheap was a good thing, but Rolex’s arrangement was clever. The 126300 all-steel model is a polished rim, without dog teeth, and without the Rolex’s most classic features, directly distinguishes it from DJ-41. Although the 126300 is low in price, it has no dog teeth and some people may think “missing something.”

Rolex 126334

126334 Platinum gold just in a middle position. It is both a gold watch, but a lot cheaper than gold 126333 gold; at the same time there are dog teeth, 126300 than the whole steel more “Rolex” some. So many people buy 126334 this year, inquire about 126334, entangled 126334, and made 126334 often out of stock, so I put 126334 on the 5th.

Rolex gold fourth day Sky-Dweller model 326933/326934

Rolex 326933 Sky-Dweller

A brother will certainly ask, Skywalker how the fire? Feel Skywalker is not fire at all? Indeed, skywalker is a special one for all Rolex watches, it is the most complex labor. We usually see the fire inside the Rolex does not have this table, it is rare to see someone wearing this table, but this year, Skywalker’s actual situation is that Skywalker once super-price.

Rolex 326934 Sky-Dweller

Before the Rolex only DD are all gold luxury replica watches, and later out of the Sky-Dweller, Sky-Dweller at the beginning are also gold watch, plus Sky-Dweller is the calendar of the two places is the most complex table Rolex, I was still thinking, Skywalker To replace the DD flagship location? The result Rolex out of Sky-Dweller, the truth, DD is still the flagship, and the price of Sky-Dweller immediately fell down. Golden Sky Sky-Dweller before the price of 300,000 or more, and now Gold Skywalker’s price dropped to 100,000 in the early stage, the price of 100,000 level to buy more people, the demand is big, Sky-DwellerOver the price of this year’s period. For example, Platinum Gold Sky-Dweller’s price is 109,900, and now the new full set of the actual market price is more than 120,000.

Rolex 326934 Sky-Dweller

Because Sky-Dweller itself than the price of water ghosts, GMT, exploration and exploration of those conventional Rolex a lot higher, together with the people who know this table is relatively small, so give rise to a feeling of indifference on the market. However, the actual performance of Sky-Dweller is still very hot, after all, is still still over the price of labor there are several? So I put it in fourth place.

The third place Rolex Red Sea model 126600

Rolex 126600

Scarlet Sea is this year’s Rolex one of the hottest table, I think no one will deny it. Of course, I just put the Red Sea word in No. 3 for a reason. Rolex launched this year, a new sea 126,600, from the inside out, the subversion of the old sea before the 116,600, that change is quite large. The new Sealer to expand the size of 43 mm, plus a magnifying glass, the disk became the red word, but also with a new generation of 3235 movement, everything is new. So a red word sea to launch a, do not want to think, surely immediately stir up. At that time, some people questioned it and said that this table certainly will not work. As a result, the red word appeared on the market and the direct price was broken down by 100,000 to 120,000 or so.

Rolex 126600

Of course, the reason why I put the Red Sea in place of No. 3 is that the red sea did not stay strong like the ceramic ring Di. In fact, I think we all know that the most comprehensive strength of the labor inside the lair or water ghost, style, performance, size, price reached a balance. Although the red word sea configuration is high, the movement is cow, but the size, thickness or short board. Most people who buy best replica watch site do not really care about how many generations of movement you have and how much “high tech” you have. This led the Scarlet Letter to “peak” in the rush, it began to fall, and slowly fell back to some of the more than the price of the market (close to the price), no significant over-price. So I put the red sea words placed in the first three.

Second place Rolex Daytona Model 116500/116508

Rolex 116500

Sometimes I really think that Rolex is absolutely “intentional”, the ceramic ring Di Tongna this table control at a very low level of production. Or how these years have passed, 116500 market or a little did not drop it? I had a question before, all Rolex, who is the most cattle labor. Later I think it is still “Di Tongna.” Antique Daytona Paul Newman is the highest value labor in the sale of ceramic ring Di is Rolex now the newest strong in the longest table, and even discontinued rim Di Tong, now still maintain its original price, I really Very convincing. Ceramic ring Di Di’s price is 90,000 5, the new full set of about more than 120,000 (white more expensive, black cheaper). And Di Tongna a more cattle is, not only ceramic ring Di strong firm, and even Jin Di’s market has also started to rise up.

Rolex 116508

Green face Jindi 116508 is the hottest Daytona this year. Golden shell, green noodles look good, like a lot of people. From the second half of this year, the market price of Lvdijindi starts to rise. The beginning of the market is still 180,000, after not long, it rose to more than 190,000, and it is not easy to take, you need to wait. There are brothers want to buy 116508, left and right wait, wait for the table, this is a normal situation. But fortunately 116508 now has some second-hand appearance, which reduces the difficulty of this form to start. But you, do not think second-hand will be cheaper. This is Di Tong Na. So I put 116500 and 116508 in second place.

The first Rolex green ghost model 116610LV

Rolex 116610LV

Two days ago, I asked my wife, what a new green ghost these two days market. She told me that now 71,000 are cheap. To be honest, I really do not know what is the ghost in the end, starting from this summer, the market all the way up. Think a few years ago, the green ghost in my heart is feeling more than 50,000 tables, the result this year, the new green ghost price from 60,000, 70,000, ultra-price, and even some 80,000, 90,000 (of course , This is a blind price). Green ghost and I work on this list different ah. Take a look at you, the other labor are new, are the new table out of these two years, expensive in the new section is also reasonable. Only green ghost, is an “old watch”, has been out for many years, and now still make people “crazy” is really surprising. Really, I do not know why the ghost this year so fire, I always listen to some people talk about, ghosts to stop production. Is it really because people think that the ghost to be discontinued, resulting in a “panic” led people to buy ghosts?

Rolex 116610LV

Many players are aware that Rolex two years in a gradual change of movement, with a new generation of 3235 movement to replace 3135 movement. According to the current process of Rolex, it is estimated that the water ghost will soon be changed. It may be a water ghost next year. In this period of knowing that to be updated, it should have been that we all slowly did not buy the old ones, and all waited to buy new ones. The old ones slowly cooled down. Results green ghosts, including niggas, the market is all the way up (although the niggas rose a little, but whatever the outcome, fairly normal), which I really do not understand. I do not understand, but I can see the truth, so I decided to put the ghost on the hot 2017 Rolex ranking first.